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Second International Agarwood Conference


Thailand (March 03-11, 2007)

The Second International Agarwood Conference will be conducted in Thailand, from March 4 until March 11, 2007. This conference will follow up on the experience and the feedback of the hugely successful First International Agarwood Conference, held in Vietnam in November 2003.

The entire event will be organized along similar lines with two days of presentations in Bangkok, an optional excursion to agarwood shops in Bangkok and travel to the countryside, and conduct field trips to agarwood plantations and an agarwood oil processing unit. We will then travel to Koh Chang, a tropical island and home of natural [extremely endangered] Aquilaria.

The second international Agarwood conference will conclude with a day-long workshop on Koh Chang and an extra day for informal discussions. Excluding travel this will be a full, one week event.

The number of participants will be limited. The formal conference part will include oral presentations and poster presentations.

The Second International Agarwood Conference will focus more strongly on sustainable production, commerce and trade, while continuing to place emphasis on conservation, research and development issues.

More: http://www.underutilized-species.org/record_details.asp?id=606

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