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Skin wound regeneration with bioactive glass-gold nanoparticles ointment

Date: 25.2.2019 

Healing is a complex process in adult skin impairments, requiring collaborative biochemical processes for onsite repair. Tissue engineering strategies for skin regeneration is a practical approach involving the use of bioactive biomaterials for assisted angiogenesis and faster revascularization.

Kredit: Mârza et al. (2019), Biomedical Materials.In a recent study, Sorin Marza and co-workers at the interdisciplinary research institutes and faculties of physics, bio-nano-sciences, pharmacy and medicine, developed bioactive glass-gold nanoparticles (BG-AuNPs) to promote the growth of granulation tissue and induce wound healing.

In the study, the scientists investigated the impact of BG-AuNP composites as a topical ointment for 14 days on skin wound healing using an experimental rat model. Marza et al. developed a sol-gel of BGs and BG-AuNP composites mixed with Vaseline at concentrations of 6,12 and 18 weight percent (wt%) to understand the repair response of the skin. The scientists observed granulomatous reactions during the process of healing in the wounds treated with the BG-Vaseline ointment.

Marza et al. freshly prepared spherical AuNPs ranging from sizes of 15 nm to 30 nm, confirmed using transmission electron microscope (TEM) micrographs to embed within the glass matrix. Mayer et al. extensively characterized and established bioactive glass-gold nanoparticle based Vaseline ointments as promising materials for wound healing. The research team will conduct further studies to optimize the wound healing ointment for investigations in bench to bedside translation.





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