You might be interested...

Transposon and Single strand DNA transposition" seminars by M. Chandler

10.5.2012   |   You might be interested...

It is a pleasure to invite you to two talks that are going to be delivered by Dr. Michael Chandler from Toulouse, France, a leading expert on bacterial genetics.


Sequencing Nucleic Acids: From Chemistry to Life Sciences and Medicine

8.5.2012   |   You might be interested...

Donť miss the invited lecture at IOCB! Shankar Balasubramanian from University of Cambridge will introduce revolutionary methodology in sequencing of nucleic acids.


University of South Bohemia is looking for 16 post-docs!

4.5.2012   |   You might be interested...

16 postdoctoral research positions in various fields are offered at the University of South Bohemia.


Post-doc position in cell biology at Charles University

19.4.2012   |   You might be interested...

Postdoctoral Researcher is wanted at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague.


Visit Mendel Lectures this Thursday!

17.4.2012   |   You might be interested...

Prof. Dr. Roland Kanaar from Erasmus Medical Center will give a talk on DNA recombination.


International PhD program in Life Science

24.3.2012   |   You might be interested...

Study life science in Germany! 16 PhD positions are now open to students from all over the world.


Institute of Biotechnology offers positions

15.3.2012   |   You might be interested...

The Institute of Biotechnology offers positions for students from all levels.


PhD. positions in Innsbruck

7.3.2012   |   You might be interested...

Volné PhD. místo ve vodní mikrobiální ekologii na Univerzitě v Innsbrucku. Hledáme motivované zájemce o PhD. studium na téma koloběhu fosforu v horských jezerech.


Open PhD position at the Laboratory of Ecology and Evolution of Social Insects

4.3.2012   |   You might be interested...

We are looking for a motivated student with biology background to join our international team focused on ecology and evolution of tropical ants.


Post-doc positions at the Institute of Molecular Genetics AS CR v.v.i.

11.2.2012   |   You might be interested...

Institute of Molecular Genetics invites applications for full-time researcher positions in the project "Establishment of the Centre of Transgenic Technologies".


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