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TATAA Biocenter Courses for Autumn 2012

Date: 27.8.2012 

The autumn is approaching. Get something to look forward to by taking the opportunity to register to one of our popular and highly appreciated courses. TATAA Biocenter has been a real-time qPCR course provider for over 10 years and has trained thousands of satisfied researchers. We want to share our knowledge and experience also with you! What can we offer? The courses exist in different modules. It's up to you which module suits you the best. More information on the courses, dates and prices can be found here.


Hands-on qPCR

The basic real-time qPCR course. You will acquire a comprehensive overview of the possibilities with real-time PCR, how to use it and how to analyze the results.

Experimental design and statistical data analysis for qPCR

Learn how appropriate statistics is selected and applied correctly to get the most out of your qPCR data.

Sample preparation and quality control of nucleic acids

Learn how to handle your samples, extract nucleic acids and check the quality to get the most powerful evidence from your experiment.

Quality control of qPCR in molecular diagnostics

Learn how to do proper quality control of your qPCR assays to be used in molecular diagnostics.

Multiplex PCR

Learn how to design assays to be able to run your reactions in multiplex.

qPCR for miRNA analysis

Learn about miRNA, what it is, what can it be used for and how can it be analyzed using qPCR.


Learn how real-time PCR can be used to quantify protein.

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