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The mRNA flu vaccine race heats up with two human trials commencing

Date: 7.7.2021 

Biotech firm Moderna has commenced human trials testing an mRNA influenza vaccine targeting four separate viral strains.

Kredit: US Air Force / Wikimedia Commons.Building on its profoundly successful mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, the company is ultimately planning to develop a single vaccine against multiple respiratory viruses.

It is impossible to understate the incredible success of mRNA vaccines over the past year. The stunning efficacy of this vaccine technology against SARS-CoV-2 is offering the world a path out of this global pandemic. And the technology is now rapidly moving forward on another problematic viral disease, influenza.

Moderna’s influenza vaccine candidate is currently dubbed mRNA-1010. It’s the company’s first flu vaccine to move to human trials and it targets four separate strains of the virus: influenza A H1N1, H3N2, influenza B Yamagata and Victoria.

The beginning of Moderna’s trial follows the recent commencement of another Phase 1 mRNA influenza vaccine trial. Developed by mRNA therapeutic company Translate Bio, and accelerated by pharma giant Sanofi, this vaccine focuses solely on the H3N2 strain of influenza.

The Translate Bio/Sanofi trial will evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of two different mRNA formulations.





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