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Weedy Seadragon genomics reveal highly distinct populations

Date: 1.1.2021 

Charismatic, iconic and Instagram-friendly, the weedy seadragon is a favorite with divers and snorkellers. The first genomic study of east coast Australian seadragon populations can now reveal "weedies" from NSW, Victoria and Tasmania are significantly different.

Kredit: Richard Ling / Wikimedia Commons.The study, published in PLOS ONE, also reveals that Victorian weedy seadragons may form a subspecies which has implications for conservation management. The researchers recommend that, as a precautionary approach, these distinct populations be managed separately by each state.

Lead investigator Dr. Selma Klanten, from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Fish Ecology Laboratory, said that despite the public popularity of these fish few scientific studies exist.

"The research aimed to understand the genetic structure and diversity of weedy seadragon populations along Australia's east coast," Dr. Klanten said"This is important because like all sygnathids, seadragons are endemic to temperate Australia. As adults they might only move 50-500 metres away from where they were born. This can make them susceptible to loss of habitat and changing environmental conditions.





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