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X-ray microtomography seminar at IMG AS CR

Date: 21.5.2012 

Seminar is a part of the project Euro-BioImaging. Goal of this seminars is to introduce new trends in area of X-ray microtomography, known as 3D X-ray microscopy. This method enables non-destructive 3D visualization of inner structure of samples with resolution lower than 1 μm. The seminars will be focused on visualization of live samples (in-vivo) as well as abiotic samples (ex-vivo).


X-ray microtomography

Jeroen Hostens, PhD. (Bruker mikroCT/Sky Scan)

31. 5. 2012, 14 - 16 pm

Lecture hall at the Institute of Molecular Genetics AS CR

Vídeňská 1083, Praha 4


Please, register until May, 25 on this e-mail address:  coordinator(at)eurobioimaging.cz. The seminar will be held in English. You can find more info here.


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Source: http://www.biocev.eu/2012/05/pozvanka-na-seminar-rentgenova-mikrotomografie-x-ray-microtomography/

Photo: http://www.biocev.eu/2012/05/pozvanka-na-seminar-rentgenova-mikrotomografie-x-ray-microtomography/, www.sxc.hu

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