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Authors: Mary Anderson; Jeremy Roberts
Publishing: CRC Press
Published: 1998
# Stages in the life cycle of Arabidopsis are described, including embryogenesis, vegetative development, flowering, reproduction, and cell death # Control of metabolism, secretion, and biological rhythms is examined # Ways in which development is regulated by such stimuli as plant hormones and light is discussed # The extent to which the experimental approaches now available in Arabidopsis might be used to address central, unanswered questions relating to species of particular agricultural or horticultural significance is thoroughly evaluated This volume focuses on Arabidopsis, one of the most important model systems currently available for gaining a fundamental understanding of gene organization, regulation, and development in flowering plants at the molecular level. Offering a comprehsive review of the subject, this book is written by some of the most outstanding contributors to this major area of plant science. The first two chapters examine global elements of the Arabidopsis genome project, the construction of the physical map, sequencing the genome, and strategies for structure function analysis. The tools and resources available to the community are described and the ways of accessing these electronically are detailed. The remaining chapters focus on insights that are being gained from current analyses of plant development using mutational approaches. Arabidopsis summarizes the most current developments in this area of plant science for researchers and postgraduates in plant physiology, development, biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics.




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