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Stem cell breakthroughs bring unlimited supply of lab-made blood closer
Credit: Kredit: Guido Vrola - Fotolia.com

Stem cell breakthroughs bring unlimited supply of lab-made blood closer

26.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

For the first time ever, blood-producing stem cells have been generated in a lab. Two separate teams of researchers have come up with differing ground-breaking methods to generate these important blood-forming cells, paving the way for the development of treatments for a variety of blood diseases and also offering a clear path towards an unlimited...


Anti-fertility folk remedy points to development of molecular condoms
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Anti-fertility folk remedy points to development of molecular condoms

24.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

For thousands of years humans have been using a vast array of strange folk contraceptive methods. A team at UC Berkeley recently examined two commonly used traditional plant-based folk remedies and discovered a potentially new mechanism that could lead to non-toxic, non-hormonal contraceptives. The UC Berkeley team's primary focus of study is in...


Witchweed-destructive by nature
Credit: Shawn Hempel - Fotolia.com

Witchweed-destructive by nature

22.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

Scientists in Japan have designed a synthetic molecule that gives new insight into how a destructive weed might be detecting its host crops. The parasitic plant Striga, also known as witchweed, poses a major threat to food security, affecting 100 million people in Africa alone and destroying crops there worth US$10 billion every year. Despite...


Microbes seen controlling action of host\'s genes

19.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

All animals-from sea sponges to modern-day humans-evolved in a world already teeming with microbes. These single-celled microorganisms now cover practically every surface of our bodies and are as much a part of our biology as our own tissues and organs. They educate our immune system, regulate our metabolism, and as it turns out, even influence...


Geneticists enlist engineered virus and CRISPR to battle citrus disease
Credit: TMoravec_Wikipedia

Geneticists enlist engineered virus and CRISPR to battle citrus disease

17.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

Desperate farmers hope scientists can beat pathogen that is wrecking the US orange harvest. Fruit farmers in the United States have long feared the arrival of harmful citrus tristeza virus to their fields. But now, this devastating pathogen could be their best hope as they battle a much worse disease that is laying waste to citrus crops across...


Protein missile raises possibility of disease breakthroughs

15.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

University of Dundee researchers have shown that it is possible to rapidly target and destroy specific proteins in cells, raising the possibility of developing new ways of targeting 'undruggable' proteins in diseases. Proteins, known as the building blocks of life, are vital to our existence and are found in every cell on Earth. They come in a...


Lab unveils heart-on-a-chip

12.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

Prescription drugs have enabled millions of Americans with chronic medical conditions to live longer and more fulfilling lives, but many promising new drugs never make it to the human trials stage due to the potential for cardiac toxicity. Through "heart-on-a-chip" technology-modeling a human heart on an engineered chip and measuring the...


Artificial womb helps premature lamb fetuses grow for 4 weeks

10.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

Extremely premature lambs have been kept alive in an artificial uterus for four weeks. The system uses a fluid-filled plastic bag and could be used for premature babies within the next three years. “We’ve developed a system that, as closely as possible, reproduces the environment of the womb and replace the function of the placenta,” says Alan...


Scientists engineer baker\'s yeast to produce penicillin molecules
Credit: Jezper - Fotolia.com

Scientists engineer baker\'s yeast to produce penicillin molecules

8.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

The synthetic biologists from Imperial College London have re-engineered yeast cells to manufacture the nonribosomal peptide antibiotic penicillin. In laboratory experiments, they were able to demonstrate that this yeast had antibacterial properties against streptococcus bacteria. The authors of the study, which is published today in the journal...


The Blob? First outdoor trial of genetically engineered algae conducted

5.5.2017   |   Press monitoring

Scientists have been tweaking algae in the lab for use in everything from making foam to making fuel to using it to clean up wastewater. But till now, at least in the US, those tests have been confined to the lab. The US Environmental Protection Agency approved moving things outdoors, and green glowing algae was let loose in water from five...


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