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Bioelectronic chip detects vitamins C and D in saliva in under 20 minutes

Date: 26.4.2024 

Vitamins C and D are micronutrients that play a vital role in the immune system as participants in the metabolic pathways involved in combating viruses and bacteria. Monitoring these vitamins in the organism can help ensure their levels are neither deficient nor excessive.

Kredit: Kredit: Martins et al. (2024), ACS Applied Nano Materials.However, the methods currently available for this require costly laboratory equipment operated by specialized professionals. They entail the collection of blood samples and produce hazardous waste. Detecting and analyzing both vitamins in the same sample at the same time is difficult.

Researchers at the University of S?o Paulo (USP) in Brazil have developed a bioelectronic chip that simultaneously detects vitamins C and D in body fluids. It is flexible and easy to see and can be adapted for use in a wearable device to assist with a personalized diet.

The chip is disposable and contains two sensors, each of which uses electric current to detect a vitamin. The chip is easy to operate. All the user has to do is connect it to a small portable electronic device similar to a glucometer, insert a sample of saliva or blood serum, and wait for the electric current to indicate the presence and levels of the vitamins. The result is obtained in under 20 minutes.

Image source: Martins et al. (2024), ACS Applied Nano Materials.




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