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Membranes Coupled with Nanotechnology for Daily Drinking Water

24.5.2012   |   News of Science

It is well known that current global development is not sustainable over the long term. Every major ecosystem is under threat at different timescales, impacting water, food, energy, biodiversity, and mineral resources—all exacerbated by the population growth and climate change.


MNT: New Insights Into Autism Revealed By Research On Rare Bone Disorder

17.5.2012   |   News of Science

Children with multiple hereditary exostoses (MHE), an inherited genetic disease, suffer from multiple growths on their bones that cause pain and disfigurement. But beyond the physical symptoms of this condition, some parents have long observed that their children with MHE also experience autism-like social problems.


PhysOrg: Caught in the act: Study discovers microbes speciating

14.5.2012   |   News of Science

Not that long ago in a hot spring in Kamchatka, Russia, two groups of genetically indistinguishable microbes decided to part ways. They began evolving into different species – despite the fact that they still encountered one another in their acidic, boiling habitat and even exchanged some genes from time to time, researchers report. This is the...


Genetic Basis Of Tropical Foot And Leg Lymphedema Identified

7.5.2012   |   News of Science

Farmers in the highlands of southern Ethiopia scratch out a subsistence living from the region's volcanic red clay. The soil supports the farms, but fine-grained, volcanic rock particles in the dirt threaten the farmers and their families. Continual exposure of bare feet to the volcanic soil causes 1 in 20 people to develop a painful inflammation...


Oxford Nanopore announces groundbreaking GridION and MinION gene sequencers

30.4.2012   |   News of Science

( - Oxford University spinoff company, Oxford Nonopore has announced at this year’s Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference in Florida, two new machines for sequencing genes. Of particular note is the MinION, a machine small enough to fit in the hand which can be plugged into a laptop’s USB port. The other, the GridION, is...


Science Daily: Cell Energy Sensor Mechanism Discovered

25.4.2012   |   News of Science

Johns Hopkins and National Taiwan University researchers have discovered more details about how an energy sensing "thermostat" protein determines whether cells will store or use their energy reserves.


The Student Scientific Conference on Biotechnology & Medicine

23.4.2012   |   News of Science

In these days there are many prospective ways to set up good and even luxurious life. The path of scientist will hardly fit in this group. On the other hand during the history science was conditio sine qua non of human progress so that the priority interest of any nation consists in educating enough good scientists. This means to motivate the...


Evaluation of seeding rates and harvesting stages on forage biomass yield of triticale (X TRITICOSECALE WITTMACK) vs vetch (VICIA VILOSA R.) mixture DEMBIA DISTRICT, ETHIOPIA

23.4.2012   |   News of Science

Information on the agronomic management such as the stage of harvesting and optimum level of seeding rate for maximum biomass yield pastures mixture and biological compatibility of forage is generally inadequate. Hence the experiment was carried out to assess forage yield and biological compatibility of triticale (X Triticosecale wittmack) and...


MNT: How Mitochondrial DNA Defects Cause Inherited Deafness

19.4.2012   |   News of Science

Yale scientists have discovered the molecular pathway by which maternally inherited deafness appears to occur: Mitochondrial DNA mutations trigger a signaling cascade, resulting in programmed cell death. The study is in Cell.


PhysOrg: Superbugs from space offer new source of power

16.4.2012   |   News of Science

Bacillus stratosphericus – a microbe commonly found in high concentrations in the stratosphere orbiting the earth with the satellites – is a key component of a new 'super' biofilm that has been engineered by a team of scientists from Newcastle University.


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