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MNT: Successful Diagnostic Test For Fetal Aneuploidies, Including Down Syndrome

9.4.2012   |   News of Science

In a study presented at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine's annual meeting, The Pregnancy Meeting™, in Dallas, Texas, researchers reported findings that indicate that massively parallel sequencing can be used to diagnose fetal aneuploidies, including Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome and Turner syndrome.


PhysOrg: Study finds a weak spot on deadly ebolavirus

2.4.2012   |   News of Science

Scientists from The Scripps Research Institute and the US Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases have isolated and analyzed an antibody that neutralizes Sudan virus, a major species of ebolavirus and one of the most dangerous human pathogens.


MedicalNewsToday: Mutated Kras Spins A Molecular Loop That Launches Pancreatic Cancer

28.3.2012   |   News of Science

Scientists have connected two signature characteristics of pancreatic cancer, identifying a self-perpetuating "vicious cycle" of molecular activity and a new potential target for drugs to treat one of the most lethal forms of cancer.


Small creatures, big jobs: using bacteria to clean up toxic waste

26.3.2012   |   News of Science

The EU is funding research to learn more about how bacteria and other microorganisms can better survive toxic settings so that they can be used to clean hazardous waste sites. Breakthroughs could help communities clean up abandoned chemical plants, polluted military bases, leaky fuel tanks and other sources of soil and water pollution throughout...


PhysOrg: Scientists turn on fountain of youth in yeast

19.3.2012   |   News of Science

Collaborations between Johns Hopkins and National Taiwan University researchers have successfully manipulated the life span of common, single-celled yeast organisms by figuring out how to remove and restore protein functions related to yeast aging.


MedicalNewsToday: Gene Mutations Linked To Problems With Wound Healing

12.3.2012   |   News of Science

Wound healing requires complex interactions between cells resident at the damaged site and infiltrating immune cells. As healing progresses, the growth of new blood vessels is critical to provide nutrients and oxygen.


ScienceDaily: Shot of Young Stem Cells Makes Rapidly Aging Mice Live Much Longer and Healthier

8.3.2012   |   News of Science

Mice bred to age too quickly seemed to have sipped from the fountain of youth after scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine injected them with stem cell-like progenitor cells derived from the muscle of young, healthy animals.


PhysOrg: E. coli bacteria engineered to eat switchgrass and make transportation fuels

5.3.2012   |   News of Science

A milestone has been reached on the road to developing advanced biofuels that can replace gasoline, diesel and jet fuels with a domestically-produced clean, green, renewable alternative.


PennStateLive: Green tea helps mice keep off extra pounds

1.3.2012   |   News of Science

Green tea may slow down weight gain and serve as another tool in the fight against obesity, according to Penn State food scientists. Obese mice that were fed a compound found in green tea along with a high-fat diet gained weight significantly more slowly than a control group of mice that did not receive the green tea supplement, said Joshua...


MedicalNewsToday: Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Gene Discovered

23.2.2012   |   News of Science

In a study published in The American Journal of Human Genetics, an international team of medical scientists has for the first time discovered a gene responsible for a fatal abdominal condition that afflicts tens of thousands of people worldwide.


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