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Biotechnology, Biosafety, and Biodiversity: Scientific and Ethical Issues for Sustainable Development


Authors: S. Shantharam and Jane F. Montgomery
Publishing: Science Publisher Inc
Published: 1999
The book addresses some of the key questions related to biosafety, environmental impact issues, and ethical issues affected by the advent of biotechnology in agriculture. . Biotechnology and Development: Moving Technology Forward Using Environmental Assessment - Sivramiah Shantharam . Biosafety Training Programs and their Importance in Capacity Building and Technology Assesment - I. Virgin et al. . Genetically Modified Organisms: Biosafety Implications for India - Ghayur Alam . Environmental Impact of Crops Transformed with Genes from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) for Insect Resistance - Michael B. Cohen . Biosafety Issues of Genetically Engineered Herbicide-Tolerant Plants: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Perspective - Stephen Yarrow . Biosafety Issues of Genetically Engineered Virus-Resistant Plants - H.R. Pappu . Marker Gene Controversy in Transgenic Plants - Vedpal S. Malik . Ethical Dilemmas in the Conservation of Biodiversity - A.K. Gupta . Ecological Context of Biodiversity - K.G. Saxena, K.S. Rao, and P.S. Ramakrishnan . Biodiversity and Biotechnology: Ethical Issues in Developing Countries - S.K. Sinha and Suman Sahai . Ethics and Biodiversity - N.G. Jayal . Plant Breeders and Farmers in the New Intellectual Property Regime: Conflict of Interests?-Biswajit Dhar and C. Niranjan Rao . Aspects of Biosafety in the Conservation of Biological Diversity - K.P.S. Chauhan . IPR Controversy and the Indian Seed Industry - Suri Sehgal . New Genes for Old Genes - B.S. Ahloowalia . The IPR Debate for India - Swati Prakash . Symposium Participants




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