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Crystallised Xylitol is a mouth-watering opportunity not to be missed!...


Crystallised Xylitol - The Facts

  • Crystallised Xylitol is fast becoming recognised as a confectionery phenomenon http://www.apvbaker.com/news/update/crystallised-xylitol.php

  • Having achieved a significant high volume market penetration in Japan, Crystallised Xylitol products are now being demanded across Asia and are heading into Europe

  • Crystallised Xylitol is a sugar substitute that gives a unique cooling blast on the tongue as it dissolves

  • Two component Xylitol and hard candy products offer sophisticated, exciting oral contrasts and the colour/flavour/texture combinations are endless!

  • Xylitol's distinctive qualities facilitate premium market positioning as seen throughout Asia

  • Scientists have proven that Xylitol discourages plaque formation and combats tooth decay

  • A low glycaemic index makes it suitable for diabetics

  • 40% fewer calories than sucrose

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