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Current Protocols in Cell Biology

Publishing: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Published: 1998-

Current Protocols in Cell Biology is an essential reference for researchers who study the relationship between specific molecules and genes and their location, function and structure at the cellular level. Updated every three months in all formats, CPCB is constantly evolving to keep pace with the very latest discoveries and developments. A year of these quarterly updates is included in the initial CPCB purchase price. That\'s 590 pages of new (69%) and revised (31%) content on average every year since the initial publication of the work in November 1998! Presently three volumes in its looseleaf print version, CPCB... includes nearly 1,000 detailed protocols carefully written by the foremost investigators in cell biology from all around the world. offers expert research tips and guidelines for isolating and culturing cells in two- or three-dimensional cultures, analyzing the morphology of the cell, and characterizing the functions of organelles and molecules in the cell and its environment. includes special appendices on the use of inhibitors and pharmacologic agents, protein motifs, absorption and emission maxima for common fluorophores, and more.




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