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Cytogenetic and Genome Research

Publishing: Kanger

Published: 2002-

During the last decades, \'Cytogenetic and Genome Research\' has been the leading forum for original reports and reviews in human and animal cytogenetics, including molecular, clinical and comparative cytogenetics. In recent years, most of its papers have centered on genome research, including gene cloning and sequencing, gene mapping, gene regulation and expression, cancer genetics, comparative genetics, gene linkage and related areas. The journal also publishes key papers on chromosome aberrations in somatic, meiotic and malignant cells. Its scope has expanded to include studies on invertebrate and plant cytogenetics and genomics. Also featured are the vast majority of the reports of the International Workshops on Human Chromosome Mapping, the reports of international human and animal chromosome nomenclature committees, and proceedings of the American and European cytogenetic conferences and other events. In addition to regular issues, the journal has been publishing since 2002 a series of topical issues on a broad variety of themes from cytogenetic and genome research.




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