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Examination of nanostructures by electron beam

Project:  Examination of nanostructures by electron beam
Research institute: Institute of Scientific Instruments, AS CR
Solver: Hrnčiřík Petr, GA AV ČR KJB2065405, date: 01:01:2004 - 31:12:2006, Newly developed principle of the scanning electron microscope (SEM) with the cathode lens enables one to image the specimen within full scale of electron energies with nearly unchanged image resolution. In the very low energy range (units to hundreds of eV), not available in classical SEM (units to tens of keV), new contrasts appear that reflect local chemical, crystallinic and electronic structures of the specimen. The interpretation is hence often ambiguous. Important alternative is a combination with a complementary technique, particularly with the scanning Auger electron microscopy revealing the elemental composition within a depth similar to that of the low energy SEM. In the project frame an ultrahigh vacuum apparatus with a field-emission electron gun will be completed with both methods implemented at the image resolution in the nm range. The elaborated method will be applied to examination of selected semiconductor structures, multilayers and composites based on metal alloys.


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