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The Faculty of Agriculture is one out of eight faculties of the the University of South Bohemia. In addition to the Faculty of Agriculture, the University of South Bohemia consists of the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Fishery and Water Protection, Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogical Faculty, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Health and Social Studies.

The Faculty of Agriculture is one of the oldest faculties in South Bohemia, it was established in 1960, and it is the founder member of the University of South Bohemia (1991).
At present the total number of students of the Faculty of Agriculture in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programmes reaches almost two thousand.

Within more than 50 years of existence, the Faculty of Agriculture has reflected the modern trends in the development of agricultural sciences. Modern concept of the Faculty gives graduates possibilities of being successful on the employment market  as well as encourages scientific and research integration in the frame of national and international scale.

Teaching  and  results of scientific  research,  expert and consulting services in connection with continuous internal and external cooperation resulted in the increase of the expert prestige of the Faculty, which is comparable with other schools of the university level in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Management of farms, companies, and other similar enterprises at regional and national level is an essential component of graduate profile. For these reasons, after completion of basic theoretical subjects, the training courses are focused on agro-environmental technology, agribusiness, operational, financial and commercial management in the areas as follows: agricultural and foodstuffs commodity trade, real estate trade, agricultural equipment trade, enterprises and tourism.

Research activities of the Faculty consist primarily of applied research with the emphasis on the economy of marginal areas and the problems of permanently sustainable development. An important part of the research is aimed at the quality of the agricultural production, and areas with special regime (national parklands, biospheric reservations, water protection zones etc.). A permanent consideration of ecological and economical aspects of all branches of agriculture is realised in expert consultation services of the Faculty.

A special care is given to the teaching activities in order to provide students with maximum necessary skills and knowledge generating successful preconditions at the employment market in the Czech Republic and in the EU countries. This well-thought-out education and evaluation programme is brought into everyday practice.


Studentská 13
370 05 České Budějovice
Tel: +420389031111
Fax: +420385310122
Web: http://www.zf.jcu.cz/

Přehled kateder vyučujících studijní obory uplatnitelné v biotechnologiích

Název katedry Zkratka Studijní obor (Typ)
Katedra agroekologie KAGAgroekologie (M)
Katedra aplikovaných rostlinných biotechnologií KABBiotechnologie využití fytomasy (B)
Katedra biologických disciplín KBDBiologie a ochrana zájmových organismů (B)
Biologie a ochrana zájmových organismů (M)
Katedra genetiky, šlechtění a výživy zvířat KGVŽivočišné biotechnologie (M)
Katedra chemie KCHZemědělská chemie (P)
Katedra rostlinné výroby a agroekologie KRVAgroekologie (B)
Agropodnikání (B)
Trvale udržitelné systémy hospodaření v krajině (B)
Zemědělské biotechnologie (B)
Zemědělství (B)
Agropodnikání (M)
Fytotechnika (M)
Rostlinné biotechnologie (M)
Zemědělské inženýrství (M)
Aplikovaná a krajinná ekologie (P)
Obecná produkce rostlinná (P)
Speciální produkce rostlinná (P)
Zemědělské biotechnologie (P)
Katedra speciální zootechniky KSZZootechnika (B)
Zootechnika (M)
Obecná zootechnika (P)
Speciální zootechnika (P)

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