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Barnacle-inspired bioglue stops bleeding in as little as 15 seconds

9.8.2021   |   Press monitoring

Stemming the bleeding from a traumatic injury can save lives, but it’s hard to get adhesives to stick when blood is making everything wet. Now, MIT researchers have developed a new surgical glue that can halt bleeding within 30 seconds, inspired by the super-strong underwater adhesive used by barnacles. In tests in rats and pigs, the glue stayed...


Using two CRISPR enzymes, a COVID diagnostic in only 20 minutes

6.8.2021   |   Press monitoring

Frequent, rapid testing for COVID-19 is critical to controlling the spread of outbreaks, especially as new, more transmissible variants emerge. While today's gold standard COVID-19 diagnostic test, which uses qRT-PCR – quantitative reverse-transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (PCR) – is extremely sensitive, detecting down to one copy of RNA...


Organoid bladders reveal secrets of UTIs

4.8.2021   |   Press monitoring

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most common bacterial infections. They usually require treatment with antibiotics, and almost a quarter of treated cases lead to recurrent infection. The vast majority of UTIs are caused by a subspecies of the bacterium Escherichia coli, which infect cells that line the bladder wall and form what are...


Alternative to fishing – cell-based fish from the bioreactor

2.8.2021   |   Press monitoring

Already about 90 percent of all fish stocks are considered maximally exploited or overfished, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. But as the world's population continues to grow, more and more people rely on fish as a source of protein. Bluu GmbH – a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Research and Development Center for...


Study: How a unique family of bacteria hides from the immune system

30.7.2021   |   Press monitoring

New research from the University of Florida explains how a family of bacteria called Yersinia infects the body so successfully. Yersinia bacteria, a family that includes the bacterium responsible for bubonic plague, is able go undetected by interrupting communication between immune system cells and the site of the infection, the researchers...


Malarial mosquitoes suppressed in experiments that mimic natural environments
Credit: Kletr -

Malarial mosquitoes suppressed in experiments that mimic natural environments

28.7.2021   |   Press monitoring

Researchers have shown "gene drive" technology, which spreads a genetic modification blocking female reproduction, works in natural-like settings. The team, led by researchers from Imperial College London, Polo GGB and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine were able to suppress populations of a malaria-carrying mosquito in a year-long...


Bioplastic made of nanocellulose and mango to improve food preservation

26.7.2021   |   Press monitoring

A research team at the University of Cadiz (Spain), together with researchers from the University of Aveiro (Portugal) from the research group Biopol4fun, have developed a bioactive or functionalised plastic made from nanofibrillated cellulose and mango leaf extracts that preserves food longer than non-functionalised plastics. This packaging is...


RNA breakthrough creates crops that can grow 50% more potatoes, rice
Credit: slasnyi -

RNA breakthrough creates crops that can grow 50% more potatoes, rice

23.7.2021   |   Press monitoring

Manipulating RNA can allow plants to yield dramatically more crops, as well as increasing drought tolerance, announced a group of scientists from the University of Chicago, Peking University and Guizhou University. In initial tests, adding a gene encoding for a protein called FTO to both rice and potato plants increased their yield by 50% in...


Scientists build tiny virus traps out of DNA origami

21.7.2021   |   Press monitoring

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a new method to treat viral infections by making traps. The team folded DNA into nano-capsules with specialized binding points inside them, which could grab hold of viruses and render them inert. For the last few years the team has been experimenting with programming DNA to...


Novel nanoparticles react to radiotherapy to kill cancer from within

19.7.2021   |   Press monitoring

Radiation therapy is currently one of the best treatments we have against cancer, but it could benefit from being more targeted to spare healthy cells. Now, researchers in Japan have developed nanoparticles that can penetrate tumors and kill them from within, after being activated by external X-rays. Normally, radiation therapy works by damaging...


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