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Microbubble bots guided through complex brain vessels using ultrasound

15.12.2023   |   Press monitoring

Researchers have developed a bubble microrobot capable of being guided around the tiny complex blood vessels of the brain using ultrasound. Successfully tested in mice, the ‘microvehicle’ holds potential as a means of precisely delivering drugs to treat diseases like brain cancer and stroke. Researchers at ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and...


Researchers develop a novel dry-powder inhaled vaccine platform
Credit: goa novi - Fotolia

Researchers develop a novel dry-powder inhaled vaccine platform

13.12.2023   |   Press monitoring

Researchers from the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have proposed a new "nano-micro composite" delivery concept for vaccines. Based on this idea, they have developed a single-dose, dry-powder, inhalable vaccine platform using nano-micro composite multilevel structures, which has been successfully...


Nanoparticle-delivered RNA reduces neuroinflammation in lab tests

Nanoparticle-delivered RNA reduces neuroinflammation in lab tests

11.12.2023   |   Press monitoring

Some COVID-19 vaccines safely and effectively used lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) to deliver messenger RNA to cells. A new MIT study shows that different nanoparticles could be used for a potential Alzheimer's disease (AD) therapy. In tests in multiple mouse models and with cultured human cells, a newly tailored LNP formulation effectively delivered...


Mussel-inspired adhesive builds a bond between implants and bones
Credit: DeVIce -

Mussel-inspired adhesive builds a bond between implants and bones

8.12.2023   |   Press monitoring

One of the problems with implants such as artificial hips is the fact that over time, the titanium implant will detach from the bone to which it was bonded. A second surgery is then required to reattach or replace the implant. Over the years, various groups have pursued a number of avenues to keep this from happening. The mussel-inspired glue is...


The first eco-friendly fluorescent artificial seed for monitoring soil temperature by using drones

6.12.2023   |   Press monitoring

Researchers have invented a new kind of artificial seed to sense environmental parameters without impacting the health of the environment. The soft robot, named Acer i-Seed, is inspired by natural Acer seeds and can monitor the temperature of the soil by becoming luminescent. It is made of a biocompatible and compostable material, and it has been...


More than 100 magic mushroom genomes point the way to new cultivars

4.12.2023   |   Press monitoring

Scientists have amassed genome data for dozens of "magic mushroom" isolates and cultivars, with the goal to learn more about how their domestication and cultivation has changed them. The findings, published December 4 in the journal Current Biology, may point the way to the production of intriguing new cultivars, say the researchers. The study...


Newly identified algal strains rich in phosphorus could improve wastewater treatment

1.12.2023   |   Press monitoring

The Revolving Algal Biofilm (RAB) system by Gross-Wen Technologies is an emerging technology that does just that. In the RAB system, phosphorus-laden algae are cultivated in wastewater attached to a revolving belt. The grown algal biomass can then be harvested from the belt and dried for use as agricultural fertilizer or as feedstock for the...


Nanodiamonds can block tumor metastasis in mice, study shows

29.11.2023   |   Press monitoring

Nanodiamonds are 2–8 nm carbon nanoparticles, which can be easily functionalized with various chemical groups like carboxylic groups or drugs. Previous research has shown that actively dividing cells are more likely to absorb nanodiamonds and that epithelial cells treated with carboxylic nanodiamonds lose the ability to migrate across...


Networking nano-biosensors for wireless communication in the blood
Credit: kstudija -

Networking nano-biosensors for wireless communication in the blood

27.11.2023   |   Press monitoring

Biological computing machines, such as micro and nano-implants that can collect important information inside the human body, are transforming medicine. Yet, networking them for communication has proven challenging. Now, a global team, including EPFL researchers, has developed a protocol that enables a molecular network with multiple...


Will this antibiotic work for you? A quick and easy method of testing antimicrobial susceptibility

24.11.2023   |   Press monitoring

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) directly causes an estimated 1.3 million deaths around the globe annually. A leading cause of AMR is the misuse and overuse of antibiotics, which has allowed microbes to mutate over time and develop insensitivity to the drugs designed to kill them, making infections harder to treat and increasing the risk of disease...


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