International cooperation

Innovative solution for detection of biofilms

25.8.2014   |   International cooperation

A Spanish SME from the food hygiene sector developed an innovative solution for the detection of biofilms in open surfaces that facilitates the control of the hygiene in food and pharmaceutical industry. This solution allows detection of biofilms by simple visual inspection in only few seconds and at very low cost. It is eco-friendly and easy to...


Nanomaterials for enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) applications

21.8.2014   |   International cooperation

An Italian company developed a novel class of potential therapeutic agents to treat angiogenesis-driven diseases, including cancer. The company is interested in collaborations for further development: type of collaboration may include license agreements or joint venture.


Seeking veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory to produce under contract two preservation media for fresh and cooled animal semen

19.8.2014   |   International cooperation

A French company, market leader, specializing in animal breeding is looking for a CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) able to produce two preservation media for fresh and cooled animal semen. A GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) veterinary pharmaceutical laboratory working in respect with the European Pharmacopoeia standards is sought for a...


Novel viral expression system

15.8.2014   |   International cooperation

A German university has developed an expression system which enables a likewise rapid and effective in vivo production of hybrid VLPs (virus-like particles) that carry antigenic determinants of a particular pathogen within their viral capsid. The recombinant VLPs are replication incompetent, non-infectious and produced in a host (S. cerevisiae)...


Antimicrobial activity of essential oils from plants against food born bacteria and fungi

13.8.2014   |   International cooperation

A Technical University from Romania is looking for research partners in the field of Pharmaceutics and Biotechnology. The research involves the use of essential oils to reduce microbial load. In the present, drug-resistance in microbes is a very serious problem. Thus, plant origin herbal medicines are considered as safe alternatives to synthetic...


Bioreactor system for tissue engineering and biological science applications

11.8.2014   |   International cooperation

An Italian university has developed an innovative device for tissue engineering applications. Such device allows subjecting cells, seeded on suitable biomaterials, to control mechanical stimuli (torsion,traction,compression). The proposed bioreactor can be tailored to any type of substrate on which the cells are being cultured, making the device...


Solid state fermentation for production of bio-compounds

7.8.2014   |   International cooperation

A French research institute has developed a process fermentation solution for microorganisms production, cultivated in a solid state. This fermentation process guarantees lower costs with higher yields, compared to liquid state fermentation. A small surface area allows for massive production of spores. Technical cooperation or license agreements...


Anticancer agents based on human pancreatic ribonuclease

5.8.2014   |   International cooperation

A Catalan research group has developed a new anticancer therapy directed against nuclear RNA based on the engineering of human pancreatic ribonuclease. These ribonucleases are non-genotoxic drugs and it is thought very difficult that they may generate drug resistance phenotype. Their human origin warrants poor or null immunogenicity in clinical...


Method for diagnosis of severity of Parkinson’s disease

24.6.2014   |   International cooperation

A research group from an Andalusian university and the medical Andalusian health service, have recently demonstrated that there is an altered Redox state in the serum of patients with early Parkinson’s disease, characterized by halogenative and nitrosative stress, together with anomalous nitrosylation of serum alpha-synuclein. Industrial partners...


Newly developed medicine treatment for reangiostenosis using natural compound

20.6.2014   |   International cooperation

A Korean university recently developed an innovative medicine treatment for reangiostenosis using natural compound affiliated with ETP which is used for coating drug delivery stent. The composition does not make endangium tumid and at the same time, it helps restore after surgical procedure of artery hardening.


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