International cooperation

Innovative technologies of cosmoceutics and neurocosmetics

18.6.2014   |   International cooperation

Spanish company dedicated to research, innovation, production, distribution and commercialization of innovative products that combine the benefits of natural cosmetics, cosmeceutics, neurocosmetics and aesthetics, requests innovative technologies (formulas) of cosmoceutics and neurocosmetics for manufacturing.


Novel class of potential therapeutic agents to be used in chemotherapy

16.6.2014   |   International cooperation

An Italian company developed a novel class of potential therapeutic agents to treat angiogenesis-driven diseases, including cancer. The company is interested in collaborations for further development: type of collaboration may include license agreements or joint venture.


Novel selective inhibitors applicable in viral replication, cancer and inflammation

12.6.2014   |   International cooperation

An Italian highly innovative company with business unit in the USA, has developed a robust pipeline of novel, proprietary, selective inhibitors for a number of distinct disease indications.


Enhanced cellulase performance for the production of bioethanol

10.6.2014   |   International cooperation

A highly experienced laboratory from a Greek University has revealed the mechanism of a certain enzyme boosting the efficiency of a mixture of cellulases for the production of bioethanol (biofuel). The laboratory is looking for industrial partners interested in further development and in companies for esting of new applications.


A promising method for the effective production of bioactive metabolites

6.6.2014   |   International cooperation

A highly experienced laboratory from a Greek University has proven the potential of the submerged fermentation procedure in the production of bioactive metabolites of the common edible mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus. The laboratory is looking for industrial partners interested in further development and in companies for testing of new...


German life science company is looking for partner in the field of veterinary diagnostics

4.6.2014   |   International cooperation

A German life sciene SME providing high quality product and service solutions for life science research in industry and academia would like to expand its activities to the sector of veterinary diagnostics. They are looking for partners from academia and industry with activities in this field. Thea are interested in a technical cooperation...


R&D of novel bioactives

2.6.2014   |   International cooperation

Indian nutrition company engaged in Research & Development (R&D) of novel bioactives is seeking Research alliances involving core therapeutic areas / novel technologies. Development collaborations sought for developing food products in core therapeutic areas & commercialization of the products & developing novel formulations for blood glucose...


Kit for the development of lentiviral expression libraries of anti-small RNAs

29.5.2014   |   International cooperation

A Spanish public research organisation has patented a kit for the development of anti-small RNAs (Ribonucleic acid) expression libraries against the whole population of small RNAs present in a cell. The library development is based on the generation of sponge RNAs and has the additional feature that it is not necessary to synthesize each of them...


Innovative collection of bacterial strains for bio-industry use

24.4.2014   |   International cooperation

A French biological resource center is seeking industrial partners to develop research and technical cooperations as well as commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Mycoremediation using fungi

22.4.2014   |   International cooperation

An Italian research team, expert in the use of fungi in the treatment of real and contaminated soil, developed a new system for biodegradation and bioremediation of contaminants in soil and waste. This technology presents a high tolerance to toxic compounds and produces extracellular enzymes characterized by a wide range of action and able to...


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