International cooperation

Genetic analysis & microorganisms fermentation

18.4.2014   |   International cooperation

A French faculty has set up a technical platform coupling 2 complementary scientific domains on microbial biodiversity: genetic analysis and fermentation. Genetic analysis enables genotyping and genetic quantification of cDNA and RNA as well as OGM construction. Fermentation enables cultivation of microorganisms for production. Private and public...


Efficient protein degradation method for cleaning of solid surfaces, textiles, sterilisation and application in molecular biology

16.4.2014   |   International cooperation

A Slovenian research institute has developed an efficient method for degradation of proteins, proteins aggregates and deposits by using a thermally stable serine protease. The method is applicable for the sterilization of surgical equipment in hospitals, cleaning of textiles, sterilization, and in molecular biology protocols.


Antiviral agents for treatment of HIV and other infections

14.4.2014   |   International cooperation

A German university has identified antiviral agents for treatment of HIV and other infections. By this innovation pharmaceutical industry can gain new, specifically adjustable and producible molecule structures with potentials in a wide field of antiviral applications in form of a blocker or inhibitor. A license for commercial exploitation and...


Automated human cell monitoring system

10.4.2014   |   International cooperation

A German laboratory with experience in nano analytics has developed a device for automated measurements of the transepithelial/-endothelial resistance and capacitance of cell layers. It is designed for impedance spectroscopy on barrier-forming cells. The device derives the parameters related to the cell layers‘ properties and provides them as easy...


CD44 inhibition as a novel therapeutic strategy against T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL)

8.4.2014   |   International cooperation

Two Spanish research institutions have discovered that the CD44 protein is a therapeutic target in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL). Binding of a blocking agent such as a monoclonal antibody to the CD44 molecule inhibits the expansion of the leukaemia-initiating cells (LICs) in the bone marrow. Companies interested in a license...


Cell Line, Analytic and Process Development as well as good manufacturing practice of a monoclonal antibody

4.4.2014   |   International cooperation

An Italian biotech academic spin-off specialized in discovering and developing of monoclonal antibodies, Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and small molecules/Protacs for treatment of cancer and other severe diseases with unmet medical need is looking for a technological partner which could provide a platform successfully applied to produce...


Development of a bio-capacitor chip immobilized with carboxy-carbon nanotubes tethered E. coli bacteria

2.4.2014   |   International cooperation

Researchers from a Turkish privately founded university have designed a whole-cell E.coli bio-capacitor chip device for determining cellular stress induced by toxic chemicals at the bacteria-capacitor interface.


Nano-structured target for radioisotope production

31.3.2014   |   International cooperation

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has developed a stable, nano-structured material useful in producing a wide range of radioisotopes with a good process yield.


High performance analytics for natural compounds

27.3.2014   |   International cooperation

A German company is able to identify structures of biomolecules by means of combination of liquid chromotography-solid-phase extraction- in combination with nuclear magnetic resonance or mass spectrometry.


Statistical analysis of large scale cells or biological tissues databases

25.3.2014   |   International cooperation

A French university has developed a unique software solution for high content cellular and tissular imaging, enabling accurate statistical analysis on large scale cells or biological tissues databases. The analysis of cell and tissue can be implemented for research or diagnosis in anatomopathology, toxicology, oncology.


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