International cooperation

French biotechnology company offers its R&D expertise in genomic projects

27.1.2014   |   International cooperation

A French biotechnology company specialized in the development of new genomics tools to assist (Limousine cattle) breeders for selecting the best animals offers its R&D expertise for breed/species organizations, industrial companies interested in genomics or R&D organizations for research projects that require integrating or expanding aspects of...


Innovative electrolysis technology for the treatment and disinfection of water in

23.1.2014   |   International cooperation

Spanish cluster is seeking innovative technologies for the treatment and disinfection of water for technological cooperation.


Rapid identification of airborne microbial contaminants

6.12.2013   |   International cooperation

A UK manufacturer of consumer goods is searching for technologies for rapid identification of airborne microbial contamination, to genus level. Solutions must be at least as sensitive as the contact plate method but faster. They must be suitable for high volume manufacturing. The nature of the technology has no limitations. The type of...


A novel immunomodulatory peptide that can be used for treatment of infectious diseases, Cardiovascular Ischemia/Reperfusion injury, Acute Kidney Injury and Multiple Myeloma

4.12.2013   |   International cooperation

An Israeli clinical stage biotechnology company is looking for a partner to collaborate on developing its lead compound, a short peptide antagonist of CD28, for treatment of immune related diseases. The company is seeking to collaborate with service providers, academic researchers and clinical investigators in the fields of drug development...


New vaccines against animal brucellosis and associated diagnostic methods

2.12.2013   |   International cooperation

A research organization and a university from Spain, and two universities from Costa Rica have developed a Brucella vaccine expressing the fluorescent protein GFP. This modification maintains the vaccine properties but allows identification of vaccinated animals by ELISA, UV detection, fluorescence microscopy or PCR. This solves the issue of...


Improve pharmaceutical products with unique formulation technology

28.11.2013   |   International cooperation

A Dutch company is specialized in supercritical fluid processes for pharmaceutical formulation development and production. The on-site fully certified production and research facilities include CO2 based drying, extraction and purification technology. The available technologies enable to develop micronized powders, (co-)crystals and encapsulates...


Development of molecular switches to turn on / off gene expression in vivo

26.11.2013   |   International cooperation

A Swiss SME is interested to improve currently available inducible gene expression systems in order to enhance their applicability for the generation of animal models of human disease. The company seeks academic or SME partners experienced in technologies, such as random mutagenesis and the set-up of appropriate screening assays to detect...


Seeking solution to quickly measure the level of total bacterial load in aqueous samples containing living cells

22.11.2013   |   International cooperation

A French SME seeks a solution to quickly measure the level of bacterial contamination in aqueous samples containing living cells. The goal is to quickly detect the presence or absence of germs and have a quantitative estimation of total bacteria. The solution should be specific enough to differentiate bacterial contaminants from living cells, to...


Compounds with antimicrobial activity against resistant strains of pneumococcus

20.11.2013   |   International cooperation

A Spanish Public Research Organization and a Spanish Public University have developed a new family of antimicrobials. These compounds, with a completely novel structure, show antibacterial activity against multidrug resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) and act as inhibitors of unusual therapeutic targets in treatments against this...


Point-of-care diagnostics devices for the detection of pathogenic oligonucleotides

18.11.2013   |   International cooperation

A UK University seeks a partner to join a project to develop a bioanalytical device based around a new discovery in biomedical diagnostics. The methodology involves detection of sequences of oligonucleotide with minimal user manipulation. A partner company is now sought with expertise to translate the scientific findings and manufacture a...


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