International cooperation

Obtaining an exopolysaccharide with antiviral action in fish species using bacteria

14.10.2013   |   International cooperation

A Spanish public research organisation and a Spanish University have developed an enzymatic procedure to obtain an exopolysaccharide from lactic bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus. The exopolysaccharide has antiviral action against viruses affecting fish species, such as salmonids. It can be used in the prevention or treatment of viral infections...


Diagnostic of T-Cell neoplasm

26.9.2013   |   International cooperation

A Spanish University and a Spanish research organization have developed a method to diagnose T-cell neoplasm. It is based on the measure of the expression product of the gene that codifies ANXA1 (anexin A1), related to the specific diagnose of type T lymphoblastic lymphoma (T- LBL).


Partners developing compounds for hypertension sought for testing with human tissue models

24.9.2013   |   International cooperation

A Scottish SME offering human ex vivo pharmacology models to bridge the gap between animal in vivo data and the clinic is seeking partners with therapeutic compounds in development for systemic or pulmonary hypertension to test the effectiveness of their system.


Micro and nano manipulation process applied reproductive medicine

20.9.2013   |   International cooperation

Bulgarian start-up company has experience in robotising micro and nano procedures in domain of cell injection. It is looking for new micro and nano manipulation processes applied in reproductive medicine.


Laboratory sought for biological transmutation analysis

18.9.2013   |   International cooperation

A French researcher is looking for a laboratory concerning the process of biological transmutation. Microbiological micro-organisms are supposed, as far as the researcher has observed, to transform manganese into iron under atmospheric condition.


Isolation of mesenchymal stem cells from peripheral blood or its hemoderivates.

16.9.2013   |   International cooperation

A group of two Spanish public research organizations and a Spanish University have developed a method to isolate mesenchymal stem cells from peripheral blood or its hemoderivates, that express on their surface the alpha-2 receptor of the interleukin 13 (IL13RA2).


Looking for clinical trial in dermatology field

12.9.2013   |   International cooperation

A French company specialized in cosmetics have patented a new formulation for one of its product. The owner of the company would like to ensure properties of his product by testing it.


Avian immune responses: from biomarkers to novel vaccine and feed strategies

10.9.2013   |   International cooperation

Improvement of vaccine and feed strategies in chickens depend on proper monitoring of the avian immune system. With the exploration of the chicken genome, tools have become available to characterize the chicken immune system.


Specific thrombin inhibitors for the development of anticoagulant

6.9.2013   |   International cooperation

A Spanish public research organization and a University from Venezuela have developed a new protein with inhibitory activity against thrombin. Compared to other thrombin inhibitors, the protein is most selective and could be used as anticoagulant reducing side effects related to these compounds.


Joint further development in the field of Polymerase Chain Reaction, Elektrophoresis, Bio-Imaging, and Radioanalystics

4.9.2013   |   International cooperation

A SME from Saxony specialized in PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), elektrophoresis, bio-imaging, and radioanalystics is requesting joint further development and is looking for partners interested in open innovation solutions and product-evolution of PC-controlled gel domcumentation systems


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