International cooperation

Multinational chemical company is looking industrial biofilm prevention / removal technologies for water systems

27.7.2016   |   International cooperation

Israeli chemical company seeks biocide technologies and/or products with the following characteristics: 1. Materials to prevent biofilm from creating and growing on surfaces in contact with water; 2. Brominated biocides, or materials enhancing biocidal activity of brominated biocides, with additional functionality. Company seeks to sign with...


Plug-and-play containerised waste water treatment plant

14.7.2016   |   International cooperation

A UK company has developed an easy to set up and use containerised waste water treatment plant. The solution creates a permeate free of pathogens, so that the treated water can be used for irrigation and secondary uses, and after further treatment also used as potable water at low power and capital cost. The company offers commercial cooperation...


Pesticide removal technology for refrigerators

14.7.2016   |   International cooperation

A multinational partner company of a Hungarian Technology Transfer company is looking for technologies or methods to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables so users can eat them safely with minimum or no additional requirements after taking the food from the refrigerator. The company seeks partners who has fully developed technology in the...


Fragrance encapsulation technology

13.7.2016   |   International cooperation

A small company from Singapore, one of the leading manufacturing companies in the Asian region in fragrance industry, is seeking a fragrance encapsulation technology with application in homecare cleaning products. Requested technology should be based on smart polymer with high fragrance loading capacity (at least 15%). This polymer should be...


Innovative nanodiamond powder for various applications

6.6.2016   |   International cooperation

An Israeli company has developed and manufactures nanodiamond powder obtained by unique technology using laser treatment of carbon soot, free of detonation drawbacks. Looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance with partners from industry and academic institutions for customisation and implementations of the product in plenty of...


Optical device for early detection of cardiovascular disease

4.5.2016   |   International cooperation

Two Spanish research groups have developed a miniaturized device to carry out the photonic characterization (healthy versus sick) of blood vessels, preferably arteries, and allows the early detection of atherosclerotic lesion. The groups are looking for research centers and companies for technical cooperation and license agreement to finalize the...


Safe microencapsulation technology for cosmetics, health, food, nutraceutics, paper, chemistry and other applications related

8.4.2016   |   International cooperation

A French SME offers a new and 100 % safe encapsulation technology for oily products. This technology is based on a patented process to prepare microspheres from agro-based shell material. Pilot scale production has been already done and scale-up procedures are available. Cooperation with industry is sought : licensing, commercial agreement with...


German company offers detection and analysis of nucleic acids

8.9.2015   |   International cooperation

A German research company developed a new technique to detect and analyse nucleic acids in a cost-effective, simple and reproducible way. Partners looked for are laboratories and providers of DNA-based analytical methods for services agreement, financial agreement or licence agreement.


Economic and ecological method for encapsulation of enzymes and microorganisms to intensify bio-based production processes in the dairy, sugar and food additives industries.

4.9.2015   |   International cooperation

The Czech company has developed a proprietary method of encapsulation of any biomaterial usable in the intensification of enzyme- or microbe-driven biotechnological processes in pharmaceutical industry. Unlike the use of free biomaterial, encapsulation provides significant economical and performance benefits. The company seeks producers of...


UK Research Institute with new spectroscopy technology seeks industrial partners

2.9.2015   |   International cooperation

A UK Research Institute in Northern Ireland has developed a laboratory analysis tool (spectroscopy substrate) which is cheaper and more powerful than others. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) is used to detect very small amounts of biomolecules, on a specially designed substrate (base layer). The institute are seeking industrial partners...


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