International cooperation

Fluorogenic substrate for the cyto- and histochemical visualization of dipeptidyl peptidase IV with applications in the biomedical and clinical research

4.8.2015   |   International cooperation

A Bulgarian research institute has developed a fluorogenic substrate for precise dipeptidyl peptidase IV localization applicable in the biomedical and clinical research fields. The research unit seeks manufacturing agreements and research cooperation agreements with companies operating in the biomedical sector for joint research and testing of new...


Cost-effective, high-yield production system for human-like blood-clotting factors for haemophilia therapy

3.8.2015   |   International cooperation

An Austrian university has developed a production system in fungi to produce an enzymatically active recombinant blood clotting factor. These factors can essentially reduce the risk of blood infections during haemophilia therapy. The world-wide new development enables a stable production of blood clotting factors, cheaper and higher yielding than...


Innovative hybrid interfaces for usage with electrochrome materials

31.7.2015   |   International cooperation

A professor for chemistry from a North-German university developed an innovative hybrid interface which can be used in the field of electro-chemical materials or in the field of Biosensorics to develop innovative display technologies. Main advantage is the possibility of the detection of red colour or the opportunity to develop higher resolutions...


Statistical analysis of large scale cells or biological tissues databases

30.7.2015   |   International cooperation

A French university has developed a unique software solution for high content cellular and tissue imaging, enabling accurate statistical analysis on large scale cells or biological tissues databases. The analysis of cell and tissue can be implemented for research or diagnosis in anatomopathology, toxicology, oncology. License or research agreement...


Novel cell and tissue storage and shipping technology

29.7.2015   |   International cooperation

A Basque biotechnology SME focused on the development and production of new cell therapy and tissue engineering products for regenerative medicine has developed a novel cell and tissue shipping technology based on an innovative media which enables the shipping of a wide range of cell types at room temperature. The SME is looking for public or...


Permanent duck embryo cells applicable in the biotechnological domain

27.7.2015   |   International cooperation

A Bulgarian research institute has developed a permanent duck embryo cell line, applicable in the biotechnological field. It is a suitable model for biological cells, viruses, toxicological and immune investigations and for diagnostics and vaccine production. The organisation is looking for industrial partners and seeks commercial agreement with...


Economic and ecological method for encapsulation of enzymes and microorganisms to intensify bio-based production processes in the dairy, sugar and food additives industries.

23.7.2015   |   International cooperation

The Czech company has developed a proprietary method of encapsulation of any biomaterial usable in the intensification of enzyme- or microbe-driven biotechnological processes in food industry. Unlike the use of free biomaterial, encapsulation provides significant economical and performance benefits. The company seeks food producers who want to...


Automatable, time- and cost-saving high throughput sequencing of mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid)

21.7.2015   |   International cooperation

A German university has found a method which enables the unbiased amplification-free gene expression analysis from cells or biological samples. The technique is time- and cost saving, reliable, automatable and reflects the reals status of the cell. In contrast to existing methods pooling of samples is possible after the first reaction step. They...


Fresh plant parts for medicine, biocides and cosmetics

17.7.2015   |   International cooperation

A Dutch company is specialized in bioactive compounds from fresh plant parts as flower, leafs and root. Theses compounds are available in the fresh form as semi-finished products for pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biocide applications. The company is seeking partners in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biocide industries, for cooperation within the...


Bile acids to induce hepatic differentiation in liver disease treatment

15.7.2015   |   International cooperation

Scientists at a German university developed a treatment with bile acids that can aid liver repair. Patient-derived cells are used to replace liver tissue. This is a cost-effective and reliable treatment. Licensees from pharmaceutical industry are sought.


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