International cooperation

Induced somatic stem cells

13.7.2015   |   International cooperation

A German university offers a new modified method to re-programme somatic cells to neural stem cells for tissue regeneration and disease modelling. It is more cost-efficient and has a lower cancer risk. Licensees from pharmaceutical industry are sought.


Microalgae production for applications in agro-industry and environment, including services for biotech companies and start-ups

9.7.2015   |   International cooperation

A Spanish research institute offers specialized services on microalgae production systems with application in agro-industry production and environment, including hiring facilities for biotech companies and incubation services for start-ups. The institute is looking for organizations interested in services agreement, technical agreements and/or...


High starch content and amylose rich starch genetically engineered crops

30.6.2015   |   International cooperation

A Spanish biotechnology company, whose main activity is the generation, transfer, exploitation and commercialization of innovative agro-biotechnological industrial property and know-how, has developed a technology which allows to obtain plants showing increased starch levels and amylose rich starch. The company seeks to license this technology...


Epigenetic test systems based on polymerase chain reaction for early oncology diagnostics

25.6.2015   |   International cooperation

Russian company has developed a polymerase chain reaction method of determination of the functional methylation of genes regulatory regions based on a new class of methylation sensitive DNA enzymes. Based on this method the epigenetic test systems for realization of early oncology diagnostics are in development. The company searches for partners...


A method for obtaining the human epigenetic card based on technology of perspective next generation sequenation

23.6.2015   |   International cooperation

Russian company has developed a method of obtaining the human epigenetic card based on a new class of methylation sensitive DNA enzymes and the technology of perspective next generation sequenation. By using this method, it is possible to determine the genes responsible for development of oncologic diseases. The company searches for partners for...


In vitro platform with 30 cellular and molecular targets for cosmetic ingredients and novel formulations

19.6.2015   |   International cooperation

A Spanish biotechnology company has developed an in vitro platform to test ingredients or novel cosmetic formulations. The company offers competitive prices and quality service. They are looking for companies or research groups in the cosmetic fields for services agreement or technical cooperation agreement.


Use of glycosidases and glycosyltransferases for enhanced protein production

17.6.2015   |   International cooperation

Plant biologists from a Slovenian research institute are offering an innovative procedure for enhanced protein production that can be used in plant cell industry. The main advantage is faster and reliable production of complex proteins. Companies and R&D organizations interested in improved protein production are sought for technical, joint...


An integrated system for purification and extended release of recombinant proteins

15.6.2015   |   International cooperation

An East of England company is developing technology to manufacture proteins with a greatly extended half-life. The production technology encases nascent recombinant proteins inside polyhedral crystals. This technology eliminates issues of stability that have restricted the potential of growth factors in regenerative medicine. Industry and academia...


Novel characterisation methods for quality control in protein production

11.6.2015   |   International cooperation

The UK branch of an international industrial producer of therapeutic proteins is seeking novel techniques applicable to quality controls. These should be amenable to automation and streamlining whilst retaining assurance compared to existing standards. Academia and businesses are sought for technical cooperation, licensing or joint...


Environmentally friendly biobank dedicated to the management of biological sample from life science actors

24.2.2015   |   International cooperation

A French SME offers a flexible, high-quality, secure, traceable and complete solution for the management and storage of biological and clinical samples. The SME is looking for R&D institution, Universities, biotech, pharmaceutical, agrofood and veterinary companies for commercial agreement with technical assistance.


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