International cooperation

Novel enzymes improve the efficiency of the production of prebiotic disaccharides

1.12.2014   |   International cooperation

A Spanish research organization has developed new enzymes transgalactosidase and transfucosidase that improve the efficiency of the production of prebiotic disaccharides lacto-N-biose, galacto-N-biose and fucosil-alfa-1,3-N-acetilglucosamine.


Continuous procedure for determining the contamination of water

13.11.2014   |   International cooperation

A small German company specialised in restoration and maintenance of lakes, aqua culture, complete building services and planning swimming, natural and chlorinated pools has developed a continuous procedure and a device for determining the biological contamination of water. The main innovative advantage is a continuous sample recovery that...


Determination of the biological age

11.11.2014   |   International cooperation

A German university offers a new method for determining the biological age of a human individual using DNA-methylation changes. The method is cost-effective, simple and precise. Applications are e.g. in geriatric therapeutics, forensic analysis or lifestyle consultancy. Licensees are sought.


Polymer Particle Synthesis

7.11.2014   |   International cooperation

A Turkish company is developing Spin Column Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits and has the ability to synthesize different types of polymer particles. During development of these kits company will produce its own polymer particles in order to use as the column packing material


UK based chemical development company offers stable retinoid derivatives with intrinsic fluorescence to partners interested in collaboration or licensing

5.11.2014   |   International cooperation

An SME in the North East of England has developed a range of stable retinoid derivatives with intrinsic fluorescence. These are chemical compounds which control aspects of stem cell behaviour and can be used in biomedical research in the field of cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis (programmed cell death).


Small molecule hit and lead compounds for most indication

3.11.2014   |   International cooperation

An international chemistry contract research organisation has built an extensive skillset in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. They are looking for new hit and lead compounds that they could advance into a robust clinical candidate, with desired properties agreed upon in advance. They would share in the eventual commercial return but not the IP....


Bioactive natural compounds from herbal extracts against metabolic syndrome and for a better mental performance

30.10.2014   |   International cooperation

A German biotech company is looking for new bioactive compounds of plant origin in order to co-develop and/or in-license bioactive food supplements for metabolic and mental performance.


Fast process optimization for yeld and quality in proteins production

28.10.2014   |   International cooperation

A biotech Italian SME has developed an experimental platform for the optimization of heterologous protein expression. The platform allows the simultaneous optimization of yield and solubility screening a limited number of experimental points in Escherichia coli systems. The company is looking for a research cooperation agreement with industrial...


Custom antibody services: monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) generation in rat and mouse.

24.10.2014   |   International cooperation

A monoclonal antibody manufacturing center from a Belgian university has a unique expertise providing and generating mice and rat hybridomas/ monoclonal antibodies to the research, pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostic markets. The center is looking for technical cooperation.


Looking for an original ingredients which can be used for functional food or cosmetic product

22.10.2014   |   International cooperation

A Korean SME which specializes in research and development of high quality additives for cosmetic products, hair shampoo and conditioner is looking for an ingredients which can be used for functional food or cosmetic products. The company is interested licensing agreement and manufacturing agreement.


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