International cooperation

Vaccinal Nanovector approach for prophylaxis or treatment of an allergy

22.9.2014   |   International cooperation

A French research Institute has developed new class of lipid vector for intracellular vaccination using DNA molecule coding for the antigen of asthma. The aim is to produce a prophylactic or therapeutic vaccine. The vaccine administration in animal model led to a reduction of airway hyperresponsiveness and a significant decrease of inflammatory...


UK based entrepreneur seeking brain computer interface technology specialists to apply for Cybathlon 2016

18.9.2014   |   International cooperation

A UK based entrepreneur is seeking brain computer interface technology specialists from across the world to form a team to apply for the Cybathlon 2016 parathlete robotics championship. The partner may have commercially available products or prototypes that can be developed to suit the application. This partnership would take the form of a joint...


Sped up development of high-bioremediation alfalfa cultivars based on identification and molecular marking of the genes involved in salt-stress resistance

16.9.2014   |   International cooperation

An R&D Institute from Saint-Petersburg (Russia) develops new methods allowing to speed up the breeding of high-yielding legume cultivars suitable for bioremediation of degraded salinized lands. The Institute seeks partners for technical cooperation to identify genes controlling the salt resistance based on genome synteny with the model legume...


Removal of cyanide from contaminated water and its use in biogas production

12.9.2014   |   International cooperation

Researchers at a Slovenian university have developed a procedure for anaerobic removal of cyanide from wastewater, and production of biogas from the cyanide, achieved in biogas production reactors using naturally present microorganisms. The procedure enables environmentally friendly cyanide biodegradation and the reactor conditions enable chemical...


Novel biomimetic thin film coating technology for implants and other biomedical devices

10.9.2014   |   International cooperation

A German institute dealing with biotech research, located in Thuringia, has developed a novel biomimetic thin film coating process based on the layer-by-layer technology. This technology enables a versatile adjustment of the films' properties and subsequent cell response providing high growth factors without loss of bioactivity. It is applicable...


German life science company wants to extend its technologies/product portfolios

8.9.2014   |   International cooperation

A German SME, active in nucleic acid specialties, recombinant protein technologies (around its proprietary Strep-tag/StrepTactin technology), Streptamer technology for the specific, mild and reversible capture/purification/release of any cell type from biological probes is looking for academic or SME partnerships to further extend its...


Innovative testing platform for the evaluation of semen quality

4.9.2014   |   International cooperation

A German research driven SME specialised in applied biological research in physiology and biochemistry has developed an innovative technology for the detection of animal semen properties. The new method is easy to handle, cost effective and suited for semen manufactures, animal breeders or andrologists as a testing platform for the evaluation of...


A device to observe and study how cells work in real time

2.9.2014   |   International cooperation

An Italian startup is developing a line of devices for cellular analysis that allows to maintain cells in culture for long periods and monitor them in responses to external stimuli, such as drugs and viruses. It can be applied in pharmaceutical, medical and basic research. The startup is looking for partners in the Biotech- Pharma sector, clinics...


Extrusion die for producing biocompatible surgical suture material

29.8.2014   |   International cooperation

A German university invented an extrusion die and a procedure for extruding of magnesium material, which reduces the time duration of conversion processes. The die contains at least one bore and an antechamber to absorb lubricants in order to allow a lubrication of the suture material while pressing through the bore. Scientific and/or industrial...


Looking for a method to control and regulate the spread of the Asian predatory wasp (Vespa Velutina)

27.8.2014   |   International cooperation

A Catalan SME is looking for a methodology to control and regulate the spread of the Asian predatory wasp (Vespa Velutina) in Europe. They are looking for any partner interested in a research cooperation, technical cooperation, license or comercial agreement with technical assistance.


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