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University of South Bohemia is looking for 16 post-docs!

Date: 4.5.2012 

University of South Bohemia is searching for suitable candidates for 16 post-doctoral research positions. We offer 16 postdoc research positions in the following research fields, supported by the European social fund and the Czech state budget.


Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters

Post-doc Intensive aquaculture
Post-doc Aquatic toxicology and Ichtyopathology
Post-doc Laboratory of Reproductive Physiology

FFPW - School of Complex Systems

Research scientist and lecturer Automatic analysis of cell behaviour from microscopy images
Post-doc Processing and analysis of multidimensional data (LC-MS)
Research scientist and lecturer Complex systems and experiment design

Pedagogical Faculty

Research Fellow Materials and surface treatments for biological, environmental and biomedical purposes

Faculty of Agriculture

Post-doc Cytogenetics and Flow-Cytometry
Post-doc Endopolyploidy and progressively partial endoreduplication
Technician Molecular Breeding

Faculty of Science

Post-doc Plant Physiology
Post-doc Zoology
Post-doc Molecular Biology
Post-doc Functional plant community ecology
Post-doc Parasitology
Post-doc Polyphasic approach to the taxonomy of Cyanobacteria

Specific Requirements

  • Candidate successfully completed and obtained a Ph.D. degree or similar degree if they studied abroad on or after March 29, 2008
  • Good knowledge of the Czech or English language (CAE or equivalent)

Necessary Documents

  • CV
  • Copy of the Ph.D. degree or similar degree if studied abroad
  • Specific requirements (publications, plan of research work, list of internships etc.)

Those candidates who do not meet the above mentioned criteria will be excluded from the selection procedure. Those candidates meeting these qualifications will be assessed by a special evaluation committee (the second phase). Candidates will be assessed separately for each project module. The assessment of the candidates will be performed according to the partial evaluation criteria and their rate for each partial evaluation criterion separately. The most suitable candidate is the candidate who obtains the most points.

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