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Legislative Environment


An overview of legislation concerning the Czech biotech is presented here.

The biotech legislation is structured into 7 categories and 46 sections according to the official OECD recommendation.

Please note that where available links to English translations of the listed legal documents are provided.

However, in number of cases an official translation is not available and a visitor will given a document in Czech language. We do apologize for that inconvenience but it is not within our capacity to provide official translations of all current and relevant pieces of the Czech legaslation listed at Gate2Biotech.

General information about the business Czech legislation

Business activities in the Czech Republic are regulated by legislation that has largely been harmonized with the corresponding EU legislation.


As in EU, pharmaceuticals have 20 years of patent and data protection. The supplementary protection certificates have already been also incorporated in Czech legislation.

The most important pieces of business legislation are:

  • Commercial Code
  • Trade Licensing Law
  • Civil Code
  • Law on Bankruptcy Proceeding and Settlement
  • Law on Protection of Economic Competition


Should you need more information on general and/or business legislation of the Czech republic, please click here.




  • BC AV CR
  • Budvar
  • CAVD
  • CZBA
  • Eco Tend
  • Envisan Gem
  • Gentrend
  • JAIP
  • Jihočeská univerzita
  • Madeta
  • Forestina