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Methods of measurement and evaluation of properties in the regulation of blood circulation

Project:  Methods of measurement and evaluation of properties in the regulation of blood circulation
Research institute: Institute of Scientific Instruments, AS CR
Solver: Jurák Pavel, GA ČR GA102/05/0402, date: 01:01:2005 - 31:12:2007. The aim of the project is to propose and implement methods for basic research and clinical examination of the haemodynamic system behaviour in healthy subjects and patients and the differentiation into diagnostic groups according to the properties of the parameters obtained. The path leading towards this goal includes the definition of protocols for the investigation of the behaviour of the haemodynamic system, and supplementation of measurement instruments to include the precise measurement of blood flow changes by means of impedance cardiography (IC) and multi-lead ECG with adjustable filters. The project also includes evaluation methods that consider the mutual relations between the measured quantities. The current situation (in which ECG and blood pressure (BP) are generally measured) being expanded to include IC will allow the analysis of circulatory parameters providing a knowledge of two basic parameters, i.e. pressure and blood flow. A simultaneous analysis of pressure and flow allows a considerably more reliable formulation of a hypothesis on changes to the peripheral blood vessel resistance, the causes of loss of consciousness, reactions of the organism to load and mental stress, and so on. Statistical processing will also comprise an important part of the project. It is absolutely fundamental from the viewpoint of the reliability of the results obtained and their reputable publication.


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