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Gate2Biotech is a portal that unites biotechnological community in Central Europe. It covers all the news in the field of biotechnology.

Thanks to the the portal the companies engaged in the field can easily search for research institutions and other partners to solve technical problems they are facing and here they can also present their services offer to potential partners from the Czech Republic and abroad.

Gate2Biotech portal serves as a bridge connecting scientific and commercial sector. It incorporates offices and support organizations dedicated to promoting transfer of innovative technologies into a unified communication platform of Czech and international biotechnologies.

As a mediator of information it draws attention to biotechnologies and support of their application and transfer into practice.

It also functions as a tool for encouraging non-professionals (especially scientists and students) towards innovative business or applied research.

Gate2Biotech is divided into sections dedicated to:

  • Biotechnology companies based in the Czech Republic
  • Biotechnology research institutes and projects based / undertaken in the Czech Republic
  • Potential founders or existing owners of biotechnology companies
  • Potential investors into Czech biotechnology
  • Education, training, development and recruitment of biotech human resources
  • Biotechnology current affairs (with emphasis on the Czech biotech)

Gate2Biotech defines biotechnology as:

"The application of science and technology to living organisms as well as parts, products thereof, to alter living or non-living materials for the production of knowledge, goods and services." (source: OECD - Organization for economic co-operation and development)

We are taking this definition very widely. In the future will be possible to obtain records by individual definitions.

At the moment Gate2Biotech contains over 6000 records.




  • BC AV CR
  • Budvar
  • CAVD
  • CZBA
  • Eco Tend
  • Envisan Gem
  • Gentrend
  • JAIP
  • Jihočeská univerzita
  • Madeta
  • Forestina