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Multi-channel spectro-microscopy by slow and Auger electrons

Project:  Multi-channel spectro-microscopy by slow and Auger electrons
Research institute: Institute of Scientific Instruments, AS CR
Solvers: Müllerová Ilona, Horáček Miroslav, Frank Lud?k, GA AV ČR IAA1065304, date: 01:01:2003 - 31:12:2005. The aim is to propose methodology, complete the experimental equipment and elaborate the multichannel collection of image data in the scanning electron microscope, namely in combination of Auger electrons and slow electrons in the order from keV to eV, up to compilation of the three-dimensional image, its manipulations and graphic presentation. For detection of Auger electrons, the equipment will be completed with the hyperbolic field energy analyzer producing 512 spectrum channels in paralel. For various energies of slow electrons the image data will be acquired sequentially by frames but in the cathode lens equipped system, in which the electron energy is set just at the specimen with minimum column readjustments so that fully consistent data are available. Questions are involved of calibration of the signal channels as regards the signal-to-noise-ratio, correlations among image slices and three-dimensional image presentation by means of 3D graphic and pseudocoloring approaches.


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