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New position: PhD student for the project Role of mRNA splicing in the plant hormone signaling and development

Date: 1.10.2012 

We are looking for a motivated PhD student for the following project:

Role of mRNA splicing in the plant hormone signaling and development


Biology of plant hormones made a tremendous progress in past years, where the main signaling pathways characterized and transcriptional networks explored. Postrancriptonal regulations provide an additional regulatory level during plant development and hormone response. This project will focus on the role of alternative splicing in plant hormone signaling, on a regulatory point which has not been properly studied up to now.

Project description

Selected splicing variants of genes involved in plant hormone pathways  auxin and cytokinin) will be used as tools for studying importance of alternative splicing in plant development.

Appropriate isoforms of selected genes will be isolated, their expression pattern examined and their function tested.


RT-PCR, molecular cloning, immunolocalization in situ, classical and confocal microscopy, tissue sectioning, phenotype analysis, in situ mRNA hybridization, transcriptomics

We expect

Motivation. Creativity. Enthusiasm.

We offer

Excellent laboratory facilities in a new EU funded institute. Friendly and inspiring environment. 5 years funding support.


Ykä Helariutta, Mikko Frilander (Helsinki, Finland), Geert De Jaeger (Gent, Belgium), Rupert Fray (Nottingham, UK)

Further information

Kamil Růžička, kamil.ruzicka@ceitec.muni.cz, tel. +420 5 4949 5740


Ruzicka et al. Plant Cell 19:2197 (2007); Ruzicka et al. PNAS 106: 4284 (2009); Ruzicka et al. PNAS 107:10749 (2010); Bishopp et al. Int Rev Cell Mol Biol 276:1




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