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TauRx Chairman Highlights Future Consequences of Alzheimer’s in Asia

29.4.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Demographic and societal impact of Alzheimer’s in China will grow exponentially if its current course is not averted, according to pioneer in tau pathology, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease


New Cell Banking Facility at Billingham

24.4.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Billingham, UK/Morrisville, NC, USA : 22nd April 2013 - Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies has announced that it has commissioned on time its new mammalian cGMP Cell Banking Facility (CBF) at its Billingham, UK site.


BIOFORUM 2013 – the promise of success

15.4.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

he region of Central and Eastern Europe is probably one of the most promising markets in Life-Science sector. More and more biotechnological companies and their cooperators are established here to build effective and technologically advanced structures, which in the nearest future are going to become real competition and alternative for Western...


Living fossils not so much fossil?

12.4.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Recently, the group of organisms commonly regarded as “living fossils”, that were believed not to change over millions of years, was found to be wrong. The team of researchers from the University of Hull, Leocester and the Natural History Museum in London presented that Triops cancriformis...


How does a hole in a cow’s body help scientists to reduce global warming?

10.4.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

When we think about the climate change and greenhouse gases - human activities, like vehicles, industry and agriculture, comes to our mind. The gas, which is known to be highly harmful for our climate is carbon dioxide, but methane is even 23 times more dangerous in terms of global warming.


Are diseases sexist?

8.4.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Sexism accompanied mankind since the very beginning and is one of the most difficult stereotypes to eradicate. Traditional gender-roles as well as widely-shared cultural believes present men as more competent and socially valued than women in numerous activities.


Can the pepsin of pork treat HIV infection?

2.4.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

On 23rd February Immunotech Laboratory announced $2M funding approval from its associate Bulgarian Immunotech Partnership Company (Immunotech BG) for clinical trials of the firm’s patented HIV-AIDS medicine.


The mystery of browning

29.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

When we eat a toast or a roasted steak, we usually do not realise that the same kind of a chemical reaction, which is responsible for the specific taste and brown colour of these foods, takes place after the contact of skin with a self-tanning cream.


How to save even 3000 people a day?

27.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

With over 3.3 billion people living in areas at risk of malaria transmission and over 3000 of them dying every day, malaria is one of the most deadly disease worldwide.


PHARM Connect 2013 - New collaborations born and challenges addressed at the key pharmaceutical business summit

25.3.2013   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

PHARM Connect has become well known for its effectiveness in connecting professionals within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in the strategically important region of Central and Eastern Europe.


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