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Why do zebras have stripes?

11.3.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

One of nature's fascinating questions is how zebras got their stripes. A team of life scientists led by UCLA's Brenda Larison has found at least part of the answer: The amount and intensity of striping can be best predicted by the temperature of the environment in which zebras live.


Hot on the trail of the hepatitis-liver cancer connection

9.3.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Using whole genomic sequencing, scientists from RIKEN in Japan have for the first time demonstrated the profound effect that chronic hepatitis infection and inflammation can have on the genetic mutations found in tumors of the liver, potentially paving the way to a better understanding of the mechanisms through which these chronic infections can...


Scientists home in on reasons behind cancer drug trial disappointment

6.3.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Scientists based at the University of Helsinki, Finland, have discovered a 'hidden' mechanism which could explain why some cancer therapies which aim to block tumour blood vessel growth are failing cancer trials.


DNA clock helps to get measure of people\'s lifespans

4.3.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Scientists have identified a biological clock that provides vital clues about how long a person is likely to live. Researchers studied chemical changes to DNA that take place over a lifetime, and can help them predict an individual's age. By comparing individuals' actual ages with their predicted biological clock age, scientists saw a pattern...


Blue mussels not yet the bellwether of NE coastal environment

2.3.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Ecologists sometimes look to mussel species, a well-studied and foundational genus in estuaries, as model organisms for assessing the condition of coastal habitats, which are crucial for people and well as the broader environment.


LSU Health New Orleans makes discovery key to preventing blindness and stroke devastation

27.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Research led by Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD, Boyd Professor, Ernest C. and Yvette C. Villere Chair of Retinal Degeneration Research, and Director of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence at LSU Health New Orleans, has discovered gene interactions that determine whether cells live or die in such conditions as age-related macular degeneration and...


New software analyzes human genomes faster than other available technologies

25.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Investigators at Nationwide Children's Hospital have developed an analysis "pipeline" that slashes the time it takes to search a person's genome for disease-causing variations from weeks to hours. An article describing the ultra-fast, highly scalable software was published in the latest issue of Genome Biology.


DNA nanoswitches reveal how life\'s molecules connect

23.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

An accessible new way to study molecular interactions could lower cost and time associated with discovering new drugs.


Population genomics unveil seahorse domain

20.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

In a finding vital to effective species management, a team including City College of New York biologists has determined that the lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) is more a permanent resident of the western mid-Atlantic Ocean than a vagrant.



20.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

We are organizing a summer school to be held on June 8th-12th, 2015 at Research Establishment of National Research Council of Italy in Rome.


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