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XL-protein Signs Licensing Agreement with MSD Animal Health

18.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

XL-protein GmbH, Germany, a privately owned biopharmaceutical company, announced today that they have entered into a license agreement with MSD Animal Health (known as Merck Animal Health in the USA and Canada) to develop PASylated biopharmaceuticals for use in animal health. This license agreement follows a research collaboration between the two...


Scientists use knowledge from the food industry to understand mass extinction

16.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

The close of the Permian Period around 250 million years ago saw Earth's biggest extinction ever. At this time large volcanic eruptions were occurring in what is now Siberia. The volcanoes pumped out gases that led to acid rain. Falling on the supercontinent Pangaea, the acid rain killed off end-Permian forests. The demise of forests led to soil...


4th annual ADC Summit 2015 conference, London, UK.

14.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

SMi is delighted to announce that its 4th annual ADC Summit 2015 conference will take place on 18th - 19th May in London, UK.


Sequencing genetic duplications could aid clinical interpretation

13.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Copy number variations (deletions or duplications of large chunks of the genome) are a major cause of birth defects, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disorders. Still, geneticists can definitively say how a CNV, once discovered in someone's DNA, leads to one of these conditions in just a fraction of...


Esperite (ESP) invests in multimillion largest clinical Genetic center and aims for pole position in Europe

11.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

ESPERITE, the European leader since 2000 in the stem cells life science business, is launching unique new-generation genetic tests. Risk-free, convenient, affordable and accurate tests with results available in a few days.


The first speakers of EuroNanoForum 2015 announced today

9.2.2015   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

EuroNanoForum 2015 has confirmed some of the foremost minds to lead the discussion in Riga, Latvia. With the theme being “Nanotechnology for European competitiveness”, the speaker list offers a diverse range of topics for elegates to discuss, debate and learn about.


Viewing Cancer on the Move: New Device Yields Close-up Look at Metastasis

21.11.2014   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Johns Hopkins engineers have invented a lab device to give cancer researchers an unprecedented microscopic look at metastasis, the complex way that tumor cells spread through the body, causing more than 90 percent of cancer-related deaths. By shedding light on precisely how tumor cells travel, the device could uncover new ways to keep cancer in...


Cell Division, Minus the Cells

20.11.2014   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

The process of cell division is central to life. The last stage, when two daughter cells split from each other, has fascinated scientists since the dawn of cell biology in the Victorian era. For just as long, it has been notoriously difficult to study this final step, when the dividing cell creates a furrow before cleaving in two...


Step towards blood test for many cancer types

19.11.2014   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Scientists have identified more than 800 markers in the blood of cancer patients that could help lead to a single blood test for early detection of many types of cancer in future, according to research presented at the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference in Liverpool today (Sunday).


Scientists engineer toxin-secreting stem cells to treat brain tumors

18.11.2014   |   Newly on Gate2Biotech

Harvard Stem Cell Institute scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital have devised a new way to use stem cells in the fight against brain cancer. A team led by neuroscientist Khalid Shah, MS, PhD, who recently demonstrated the value of stem cells loaded with cancer-killing herpes viruses, now has a way to genetically engineer stem cells so that...


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