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Molecular and Cell Biology and Genetics


Students of this program are lead to responsible research work in the area of molecular, cell and developmental biology. They have to cope with molecular and genetic methods on different model organisms such as protozooans, yeasts as well as plants and animals. They have to able to present their results in english. Supervisors are active in research at international level. The topics are related to the projects solved by the supervisor, which are often based on international collaboration. Main task of this study program is to answer some substantial questions from nowadays biology, e.g. regulation of cell functions or differentiation. Students are trained in molecular cytogenetics, genetic engineering, genetics of animals and plants with special orientation on genetic modifications.

Zajišťuje: Department of Gentics

Kontaktní osoba: Doc. RNDr. Marek Jindra, CSc.

Tel. číslo: 387 775 232

Odkaz: http://kgn.umbr.cas.cz/kgn_prednasky.html http://kmb.prf.jcu.cz/cs/vyuka.html

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