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OOS: Forensic Disaster Victim and Thing Identification


Prague, Czech Republic (October 12, 2005)

The seminar will stem from experience of ENFSI member institutes, primarily from Forensic identification of persons and things performed at air crashes, terrorist attacks on means of transport, buildings, sports fields etc.The organizers of the seminar received preliminary assurance of speakers from col-leagues from France, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Norway, Great Britain, Switzerland, USA (FBI) and the Czech Republic. The seminar will be conceived as a presentation of case reports with the possibility of discussion on them, but primarily as an overview of experience and recommendation by chosen European forensic science institutes concerning clarifying and explanation of causes of events and identification of victims. Speakers will be asked to avoid theorization and to draw up their papers primarily as practical instruction for practice.

More: http://www.enfsi.org/agenda/oos_prague_2005



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