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Plant-based steak made from pea protein

Date: 6.4.2022 

ETH Pioneer Fellow Martin Hofmann has developed a method to produce high-quality plant-based meat alternatives. His research on the flow properties of soft materials enables him to imitate the marbling of real steaks.

Kredit: Martin Hofmann / ETH Zurich.Meat alternatives are becoming so popular that it's now difficult to imagine a supermarket without them. So far, however, plant-based alternatives for high-quality meat products such as steak have not been readily available.

Martin Hofmann is confident that this is about to change. The material scientist has developed a method to produce plant-based steak from fat and pea protein. These products are aimed primarily at people like him: non-vegetarians who intend to reduce their meat consumption and switch to a more plant-based diet.

Hofmann's plant-based alternative substitutes the fat tissue that characterizes steak with a simple oil in water emulsion to which additives such as vitamins and trace elements can be added. Since the emulsion's fat content can be reduced significantly, the plant-based steak is not only more eco-friendly than the animal-based original, but healthier as well.

"I'd like to help launch a healthy, environmentally and animal-friendly substitute for high-quality meat that tastes like the animal-based original," Hofmann says.





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