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Practical Applications of Chlorophyll Fluorescence in Plant Biology


Authors: DeEll, Jennifer R.; Toivonen, Peter, M.A. (Eds.)
Publishing: Springer
Published: 2003
As this book will demonstrate, there have been numerous developments in the instrumentation and approaches for use of chlorophyll fluorescence as a probe to plant adaptation to an environment or as an indicator of the level of stress. The advantage of chlorophyll fluorescence over many other techniques is that it provides rapid and nondestructive measures. The first two chapters of this book are devoted to provide a clear, understandable explanation of the theoretical basis for chlorophyll fluorescence analysis. The definitions and terminology that are specific to chlorophyll fluorescence analysis are included in this discussion, which leads to the bridging of chlorophyll fluorescence analysis to plant tissue condition status. Subsequent chapters focus on the monitoring of stress in the natural terrestrial and aquatic environments, assessing seedling quality in forestry, and postharvest quality in fruits and vegetables. A final chapter is devoted to a newly emerging use for the technique in plant breeding programs. It is the hope of the editors and authors that readers who have not used this technique will be encouraged to explore the possibilities in their area of study. For those who have used the technique previously, we hope that this book will offer some new insights, which may encourage development and/or refinement of approaches. Ultimately, we hope that the contents of this work will contribute in some manner to advances in the understanding of plant-environment interactions and hence to improvements in the environmental quality, as well as in forestry and agri-food industries.




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