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Recent Advances in Environmental Biotechnology


Authors: Pankaj Kumar Jain, Vijai Kumar Gupta, Vivek Bajpai
Publishing: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Published: 2011

The quality of life on earth is depends on overall quality of the environment. Due to unregimented population increased and industrial development added millions of tones of hazardous wastes to the soil and water during the 20th century. For centuries, we believe that atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic systems were sufficient to absorb and breakdown wastage from population centre, industry and farming. At present, there are two fundamental problems: (i) how do we dispose of these large quantities of wastage that are continually being processed? (ii) How do we remove the toxic compounds that have been accumulating at dump site, in the soil and in the water system over the large few decades? This book will be introduce to the students about the environmental problems and solution of these problems by he help of microorganisms, improvement and development of new techniques for removal of the pollutant from the environment.




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