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RZPD - German Science Centre for Genome Research

Name:  RZPD - German Science Centre for Genome Research
Link: http://www.rzpd.de/
Description:RZPD Deutsches Ressourcenzentrum für Genomforschung is a non-for-profit service center for genomics and proteomics research. Based on one of the largest clone collections world-wide, it provides high quality research material, high throughput technology and automation solutions for academic institutions as well as for industry. Material and services that are available from RZPD include clones of genomic and cDNA libraries, high density colony, DNA, and protein arrays, genomic and cDNA pools, non-redundant cDNA collections, pre-defined and custom microarrays, custom screening, expression profiling, Affymetrix service, robotic services, large scale PCR amplification, and cDNA library generation.

BioTechnology Report

Biotechnology Report 2013