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Scientific conference of doctoral students

Date: 9.12.2012 

The Institute of Microbiology AS CR has a pleasure to invite you to the Scientific conference of doctoral students of IMIC. The conference will take place on Tuesday, December 11th in the Lecture Hall of the Institute of Physiology (Praha 4 - Krč, Building A). 


8.55     opening address of the director
9.00     L. Neubauerová: Periodontitis and changes in oral microbiome
9.15     L. KrásnýIn-situ enrichment of phosphopeptides on MALDI plates modified by ambient ion landing
9.30     IBíbová: sRNA in Bordetella pertussis virulence regulation
9.45     KHarant: Amino acids in yeast colony development and differentiation
10.00    JTomala: Overcoming immunoescape mechanisms of BCL1 leukemia
10.15    DRozbeský: Probing protein tertiary structure via mass spectrometry

coffee break

11.00    A.B. Veselá: Expression of new fungal nitrilases and cyanide hydratases and their application in biotransformation of mandelonitrile and HCN
11.15    D.Šimčíková: Fungal a-L-rhamnosidase and b-rutinosidase – enzymes suitable for (de)glycosylation
11.30    T. Konvalinková: Economy of mycorrhizal symbiosis: limits and regulation
11.45    M. Kostovčík: Prospects of evolutionary history estimations of symbiotic fungi
12.00    J. Dvořák: Microbial environment determines innate immunity in earthworms
12.15    T. Groušl: Yeast stress granules

lunch break

13.30    M. Plačková: Family shuffling of metagenomic penicillin acylases
13.45    VKrynická: Role of FtsH heterocomplexes in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803
14.00    ZČuperová: Wee1 kinase of moss Physcomitrella patens
14.15    J.R. Malapascua: Physiological and photobiochemical responses of the  microalga Trachydiscus to nitrogen limitation and high light and stress
14.30    M. Schwarzer: Neonatal colonization of mice with Bifidobacterium longum  prevents allergic sensitization to Bet v 1
14.45    A. Herrmannová: Structural analysis of an eIF3 subcomplex reveals conserved interactions required for a stable and proper translation pre-initiation complex assembly

coffee break

15.30    TJečmen: Utilization of photoactivable nanoprobe and mass spectrometry for structural determination of cytochrome P450 2B4 and cytochrome b5 interaction
15.45    ARabatinová: The structure and function of the delta subunit of bacterial RNA polymerase: a non-essential protein that is indispensable
16.00    Z. Křesinová: Biodegradation of the contraceptive compound 17a-ethinylestradiol by fungi
16.15    L. Kohoutová: Complexes of centrosomal protein gamma-tubulin in acentrosomal cells
16.30    J. Ahmad: Mechanism of phagocyte apoptosis induction by adenylate cyclase toxin
16.45    T. Větrovský: Transformation of lignocellulose by soil actinobacteria
17.00    EStraková: Modeling of sigma factor transcriptional control during S. coelicolor germination

18.00 Traditional Christmas party of IMIC




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