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Scientists look at precancerous cells

Date: 19.3.2007 

Researchers in Boston have identified how a missing protein causes tissue to become precancerous, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced. The finding could help identify patients at risk of developing tumors, MIT said. Most breast and prostate tumors are missing the protein but it has not been clear what role the protein, known as 14-3-3 sigma, played in tumor growth. The researchers reported in Nature that when the protein is knocked down, dividing cells fail to separate fully and become precancerous. "The cells try to divide and try to divide, and they just give up. They can't finish cytokinesis (the final stages of cell division)," said Michael Yaffe, associate professor of biology and biological engineering. ... Whole article: "www.sciencedaily.com":[ http://www.sciencedaily.com/upi/index.php?feed=Science&article=UPI-1-20070316-18131300-bc-us-tumors.xml]

Cheap molecule may attack tumors - A cheaply-produced molecule may be the key to treating a variety of cancers, claim Canadian researchers (23.4.2007)

Genes Associated With Adverse Reactions To Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment Identified - Medical scientists at the University of Leicester have announced a potentially unique advance in breast cancer research by identifying two genes associated with adverse reaction to cancer treatment (21.4.2007)

Cell Biology: New Connection Between Cancer and Sugars - Every cell in the human body is controlled by signaling networks that are responsive to external stimuli (11.4.2007)

New findings on the genomic guardian - p53 protein - The p53 protein routinely shuts down damaged cells and is one of our main lines of defence against cancer (22.3.2007)

Researchers Use Poliovirus To Destroy Neuroblastoma Tumors In Mice - The cause of one notorious childhood disease, poliovirus, could be used to treat the ongoing threat of another childhood disease, neuroblastoma (17.3.2007)




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