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How to use this part of the portal - all about your sector in one place!

This section has been created for purpose of easier orientation and use of all information related to the segment of your interest.

There is a very useful menu for more effective use of this section in the right part of the page which will enable you easier access to databases and information to your biotech sector.

The databases and information are grouped together without being divided into specific biotech sectors. You can see that fulltext (in the right menu) contains more than 6000 items.

How to choose your specific sector?

For the access to the databases and information of your interest, choose one of the sectors from the main left menu or directly here:

Once you click on the biotech sector of your interest you will get directly to the relevant section.

You can specify your choice even more by „Detailed segment division“ in the top part of the page. Now you can easily find all databases and information just within two clicks.




  • BC AV CR
  • Budvar
  • CAVD
  • CZBA
  • Eco Tend
  • Envisan Gem
  • Gentrend
  • JAIP
  • Jihočeská univerzita
  • Madeta
  • Forestina