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Statistical signal processing in medicine

Project:  Statistical signal processing in medicine
Research institute: Institute of Scientific Instruments, AS CR
Solver: Chládek Jan, GA ČR GP102/03/P175 date: 01:01:2003 - 31:12:2005. The statistical signal processing in neurology and cardiology is the main goal of the project. In the area of neurology the project deals especialy with various types of Event-Related-Potentials evaluation and localization of the focal epilepsy sources. The goal is to simplify the complicated analysis, to reduce the data amount based on the signal probability and to specify the results credibility criterions. The project is based on the collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk Univerzity in Brno and St. Anne´s Univerzity Hospital in Brno (1st Neurology Clinic). In the area of cardiology the project concerns the Autonomous Nerve System (ANS) diagnostics, optimization of measurement and evaluation. The choice of an optimal method from the many ordinarily used ones is possible only on the base of the multidimensional statistical analysis. The problems are solved in collaboration with St. Anne´s Univerzity Hospital Brno (1st Internal Angio-Cardiology Clinic). The post-doc project also gains from the collaboration between the guarantor and Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA). The project should quantify the clinical asset of new methods designed in the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in comparison with results obtained by application of standard methods.


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