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Sugarcane Biotechnology


Authors: G.R. Naik
Publishing: Science Publishers, Inc.
Published: February 2001
This Book provides an account of the progress made so far in sugarcane biotechnology. It summarizes the new developments in biological research mainly related to plant molecular biology. The bioanalytical techniques and methodology explored in understanding molecular basis of life process are also covered in this volume. The book also provides information on diagnostic tools for detection of cane diseases in planting material. Sugarcane genome analysis is in progress at some laboratories. The results of such investigations and its utility in crop production are described here. Contents: . Sugarcane (Important Commercial Crop; History of Sugarcane; Sugarcane Productivity) . Role of Biotechnology in Crop Improvement (History of Biotechnology; Biotechnology in Agriculture) . Modern Bioanalytical Tools in Crop Improvement (Fragmentation of DNA; Recombinant DNA Technology; Physical Methods of Gene Transfer; Molecular Markers; Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR); Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP); Gene Expression; Analysis of Recombinant DNA) . Sugarcane Tissue Culture Technology (Plant Tissue Culture in Agriculture; In vitro Selection of Desirable Variants in Crop Plants; Tissue Culture Studies in Sugarcane) . Immunodiagnostic Studies for Detection of Sugarcane Diseases (Methodology; Standardisation of DAC-ELISA) . Biological Softwares in Sugarcane Cultivation (Biofertilisers; Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza; Biocontrol Agents; Biodrainage Concept) . Molecular Biotechnology in Sugarcane (Molecular Marker Studies; Genetic Engineering Studies in Sugarcane)




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