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The Biotech Investor : How to Profit from the Coming Boom in Biotechnology


Authors: Tom Abate
Publishing: Owl Books
Published: 2004
For investors having a hard time grasping concepts in computer technology, the biotechnology business is even more mystifying. With futuristic names like Genentech, Protein Design Labs, and Human Genome Sciences, an excruciatingly long product development cycle, and very light coverage by analysts, this sector is one of the most difficult for the stock-buying public to understand. However, despite a few public mishaps of their own, biotech stocks as a whole have held up better through the downturn than the overall tech sector. Abate is one of the few writers who closely watch this area, and writes the "BioScope" column for the San Francisco Chronicle. He admits that biotech stocks are among some of the most difficult to play, and warns against jumping into any of the speculative startups in this field. Instead he recommends most investors stick to the handful of companies that have already shown a profit. With plenty of charts and detailed coverage of many individual companies, this would be an excellent source to begin research on this area of cutting-edge medicine.




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